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What's new in the v0.8 series release

Release Date: August 18, 2022

This release of Databend includes new features and improvements.

New Feaures and Improvements

  • Query(Copy): make copy into can parallel load directory multi file #4584

  • Query(Copy): Feature: Support JSON file format for the COPY command #4527

  • Query(Copy): Unloading data into stage #4498

  • Query(Copy): Improve the COPY from external location performance #4308

  • Query(Insert): Feature: Async Insert #4577

  • Query(View): Feature: Support View Create/Select/Alter #4610

  • Query(Insert): Feature: Improve insert into performance #4413

  • Query(SQL):Update sqlparser-rs to latest to support Unsigned* #4877

  • Query (TimeZone): Feature: Adapt to different countries support user change timezone #4651

  • Query(DataType): Support Semi-structured Data Types (like json format) #3916

  • Query(information_schema): Support for information_schema database #4659

  • Query(DataType): Datetime type attempt to multiply with overflow from chrono #4874

  • Query(ALTER): Support: ALTER DATABASE [ IF EXISTS ] db_name RENAME TO new_db_name #4839

  • Query(DML): support query: show table status #4757

  • Query(DML) ISSUE-4459: Add support for alter table rename statement #4532

  • Query(DataType): Support ArrayT Data Type

  • Query(Function): feat: Add scalar function humanize #5073

  • Query(Function): feat(functions): support aggregate function retention #4970

  • Query(Function): feature: support REGEXP_REPLACE function #4944

  • Query(Function): feature: support REGEXP_SUBSTR function #4771

  • Query(Function): feat(function): Support Semi-structured function GET/GET_IGNORE_CASE/GET_PATH #4684

  • Query(Function) : support PARSE_JSON / TRY_PARSE_JSON function #4534

  • Query(Source): feat(source): add ndjson source for streaming load #4561

  • Query(Settings): feat(setting): support global setting #6579

  • Query(Handler): feat(query): deprecate clickhouse's tcp protocol support #7012

  • Query(Planner): Support CTE(Common Table Expression) #6246

  • Query(UDF): SQL UDFs #3994

  • Query(GroupBy): two-level hashmap optimization #4602

  • Query(SQL): [SQL] Support Common Table Expressions #514

  • Query(Optimizer): Optimizer rule_push_down_filter_scan is not enabled #7069

  • Storage(Delete): Feat: statement delete from... #5691

  • Storage(Azblob): feat: Implement azblob support #5025

  • Storage(TimeTravel): Feat : undrop table & show history #5562

  • Storage(clustering_information): feat(fuse): add system$clustering_information function #5426

  • Storage(Index): feat: enable bloom filter index #6639

  • Storage(ClusterKey): Feature: Table Cluster Key #4268

  • Storage(COPY): Support read compressed files in COPY statemente #5380

  • Storage(External): Hive as an External Data Source #4826

  • Storage(predict): refactor(query): predicate push down support multi expressions #7078

  • API(REST): Feature: Add ClickHouse REST handler #4568

  • API(JDBC): Proposed: support DBeaver connect Databend #4581

  • Meta: Feature: [metasrv]: add API watch #4393

  • Meta: Add API to remove a node from metasrv cluster #4312

  • Cloud(User): Fine-grained user privilege on database & table #2894

  • Executor(Processor): Feature: support abort for insert query #4646

  • Planner: Migrate to new planner framework #3747

  • OpenDAL: Native compress support opendal#70

Downloading and Installing Databend

Databend is available on a variety of Linux platforms and macOS. Click here to open the release page on GitHub, then select and download an installer for your platform.

To deploy Databend, follow the Deployment Guide.

Loading Data

There are many ways to load data into Databend. You can use the command-line interface (CLI), API, or the mysqldump client utility, depending on where your data is stored. Refer to the Load Data tutorials for details.