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Try Databend Cloud (Beta) Free

Databend Cloud is a powerful data cloud for everyone, which is built on top of the open-source project Databend with Simplicity, Elasticity, Security, and Low Cost.

Create a Databend Cloud Account

Databend Cloud is now in private beta. To create a Databend Cloud account, go to to apply for beta access.

Log in to Your Account

To log in to your account, go to

Databend Cloud Overview


Serverless warehouses can be automatically suspended in case of no activities for a specific period.


This page shows a list of your databases:


The stage is the location where your data is stored. You can upload your local CSV, JSON, or Parquet files for data analytics.


Worksheets is a powerful SQL editor where you can run SQL queries. For example, you can now do Conversion Funnel Analysis online.

Connect to a Serverless Warehouse on Databend Cloud

Databend Cloud provides a connection string for your applications to connect to it:


Run SELECT 1 query with curl:

curl --header 'X-Clickhouse-User: <sql-user>' --header 'X-Clickhouse-Key: <sql-user-password>' https://<tenant>--<warehouse>


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  • Github (Feature/Bug reports, Contributions)
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