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Load Data into Databend

These topics describe how to load data into Databend.


Databend enables you to load data from files in a variety of formats stored in different locations. Before loading your data into Databend, make sure your files meet these requirements:

Supported File Locations

Databend can load data from files that are stored in local file system, Supported Object Storage Solutions, and remote servers.

Supported File Formats

The data files can be in various formats and compressed if desired. Databend supports loading data from files in these formats:

  • CSV
  • TSV
  • Parquet
  • XML

The supported compression formats include:

  • GZIP
  • BZ2
  • ZSTD
  • XZ

Loading Methods

Databend recommends using the COPY INTO command to load data from files in a stage, bucket, or remote server, and using the Streaming Load API to load data from local files.


The COPY INTO command can load data from files in a stage, bucket, or remote server. You can tell Databend how to load your data by including the options of the COPY INTO command. The COPY INTO command has many options that allow you to specify how your data will be loaded.

For detailed explanations about the COPY INTO command and its options, see COPY INTO.

Streaming Load API

The Streaming Load API can read data from your local data files and load it into Databend. For more information about the Streaming Load API, see Streaming Load API.

Data Loading Considerations

Hands-On Tutorials

Here are some tutorials to help you get started with data loading: