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Databend Routine Maintenance

What is Databend routine maintenance?

Routine maintenance of Databend is currently performed roughly every 30 days. This is usually done at the beginning of the month.

The main tasks are to update the toolchain and upgrade the dependencies.

Update the toolchain

Databend will choose a relatively new nightly version for the build/test/bench.

The steps to update toolchain are as follows:

  • Setp 1: edit scripts/setup/rust-toolchain.toml to update the channel field for builder image.
    • Usually updated to the current date.
    • Merge this change to main and wait for ci to build the new toolchain image
  • Step 2: edit rust-toolchain.toml to the same channel as build tool.
  • Step 3: Run scripts/setup/ make lint to make sure clippy is happy.
    • clippy is not entirely correct. If necessary, you can use #[allow(clippy::xxx)] to skip some of the rules.
    • If possible, please add a comment to clarify.
  • Step 4: Run scripts/setup/ make test to check the correctness.

Upgrade the dependencies

Databend involves nearly a thousand third-party dependencies from sources such as github and

Currently, the dependency upgrade process is divided into the following steps:

  • Step 1: Run cargo upgrade --workspace to upgrade dependencies in your Cargo.toml to their latest versions.
  • Step 2: Check the dependencies from github and update the value of the rev field if it can be upgraded.
    • Please avoid introducing version and branch fields.
  • Step 3: Update dependencies that need to be updated individually.
    • If upgrading this dependency requires a large scope of changes, please update it separately at the end of routine maintenance.
  • Step 4: Run make lint and make test to make sure the update works.
    • If you determine that a dependency needs to be fixed separately, restore that dependency to the previous version. Redo this step.
    • Please make sure all check passed after each step.

If you hacked Cargo.lock during the process, make sure everything is working smoothly.