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Deploying a Local Databend (for Non-Production Use)

To evaluate Databend and get some hands-on experience, you can deploy Databend locally and use the file system as storage if you don't have object storage yet. This topic explains how to deploy a local Databend and connect to Databend from a MySQL client.


Object storage is required for production. Use the file system only for evaluation, testing, and other non-production purposes.

Before You Begin

Make sure you have installed a MySQL client.

Download Databend

  1. Go to and download the installation package for your platform.

    If you're using a Mac with an Apple Silicon CPU, select the package named databend-<version>-nightly-aarch64-apple-darwin.tar.gz.

  2. Extract the installation package to a local directory.

Start Databend

  1. Open a terminal and navigate to the folder where the extracted files and folders are stored.

  2. Run the script in the folder scripts:

    MacOS might prompt an error saying "databend-meta can't be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software.". To proceed, open System Settings on your Mac, select Privacy & Security on the left menu, and click Open Anyway for databend-meta in the Security section on the right side. Do the same for the error on databend-query.

  1. Run the following command to verify Databend has been started successfully:
ps aux | grep databend

eric 12789 0.0 0.0 408495808 1040 s003 U+ 2:16pm 0:00.00 grep databend
eric 12781 0.0 0.5 408790416 38896 s003 S 2:15pm 0:00.05 bin/databend-query --config-file=configs/databend-query.toml
eric 12776 0.0 0.3 408654368 24848 s003 S 2:15pm 0:00.06 bin/databend-meta --config-file=configs/databend-meta.toml

Connect to Databend

  1. Create a connection from your MySQL client using port 3307:
mysql -h -P3307 -uroot
  1. Query the Databend version to verify the connection:

version() |
DatabendQuery v0.8.99-nightly-2fdfcaa(rust-1.66.0-nightly-2022-11-02T18:06:39.712775Z)|